About us


RMBR is a craft kombucha brand on a mission to make non-alcoholic beverages more accessible for those looking to fit in socially without feeling they have to consume alcohol. Ever since graduating from Michigan State two years ago, I realized I wasn't being fulfilled from alcohol and grew frustrated with the limitations I had for non-alcoholic beverage options. Whether they were processed, too sugary, or not nutrient dense... I just couldn't find what I wanted. People are evolving and so is the beverage industry. I am here to support your healthy habits to the best of my ability & pioneer an evolution of consumption in social settings.

A vision for the future

RMBR is on the mission to evolve consumption in social settings through the cultivation and distribution of functional kombucha beverages infused with medicinal herbs.We plan to co-create a whole new market for functional beverages in night-clubs, restaurants, & bars & build an awareness about the importance of supporting your local businesses.We create authentic relationships with the businesses that we work with and do our best to spread the word about their brand as well. Ultimately, we want to create local communities of creators and wellness gurus for the benefit of us all. By voting with our dollar, we all get to enjoy quality products, support the amazing people behind each brand, and build a community of beautiful people.